5 Oil Painting Tips for Beginners

Oil painting is one of the most common sort types of painting. It has been used for hundreds of years by artists and there are quite several world-class painting by oil painting. It’s quite common due to the kind of quality and color that it brings out as its quite outstanding compared to the rest of the painting methods. While practicing or using oil painting you need to use your style to stand out.

Here are 5 oil painting tips for beginners

1.Start with small paintings

As you are an amateur you need to start the learning process by doing small paintings. This will help you learn how to make bigger and better paintings with no stress. If you start big you are likely to make mistakes and you do not want to go wrong after investing your money on the painting adventure. Painting small also allows you to try different techniques and realize your potential and which one will suit you right.

2.Invest in brushes

As a beginner, you need to know that it’s not wise to reuse brushes over and over. This means that you need to buy yourself some brushes that will be quite useful in the long-run. The brushes need to be fit for oil painting as you are not acrylic or other methods of painting artist. You need to have a set of brushes that will be used for each color and design so that as you start big you will have no hard time or excuse of why you can paint good.

3.Sketch your paints

An oil painter should always start by sketching their paints. This will make it quite easy for them as they go through with the oil paint as they make the color fills. This is because as you have first sketched you can get the lines of where to paint and have a picture in mind of the colors that are to used and where to use them.

4.Get organized

A beginner should always know that they are becoming artists that should be admired. This means that they ought to invest hard on the job as this is a way or source of employment by use of their talents. This means that they should get a good space and organize it well. By organizing it means that space needs to flow well in terms of how the painting will occur and a showcase of works done. Space needs to be well spaced so that it’s not too crowded while moving.

5.Paint the same subject again and again

As you are a beginner you need or ought to redo a job done over and over again. This will help you understand where you had previously gone wrong and get it right. It will also help you make a masterpiece of a quality painting that you will admire and make a showcase or a sell-out of with no mistakes to it. The beginner should never give up on redoing a painting as this is the only way to make it right. Remember as you do so you are also practicing your skills.